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Symphony Framework

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Released: Mar 25, 2013
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Release Notes

Symphony Framework version

IMPORTANT: this update is a critical fix. You MUST regenerate any files using the Symphony_BLListViewModel.tpl template file. This fix also requires the latest HOTFIX for Synergy version 10.1 that addresses a threading issues with xfServer.

Added a new class, Symphony.Conductor.Static.ThreadSafe. This is a static class that contains public members that can be used to ensure that connections through xfServer are thread safe. You can see an example of its use by generating and reviewing the code from the Symphony_BLListViewModel template.

The BackgoundLoadedSerachViewModel class has been modified to ensure that when accessing data via a remote server (xfServer) the connection is thread safe. Prior to this change, accessing remove data via xfServer would cause your application to crash. Please ensure that you regenerate all source files based on the Symphony_BLListViewModel.tpl template.

Using the Symphony.Core.DebugView.Write method you can now write information to the diagnostics output view regardless of the setting of SYMPHONY_DEBUG_VIEW. You can now call the Write() method and pass the new “doAlways” Boolean parameter as true.

The Symphony_BLListViewModel.tpl template file has been modified to ensure thread safe operation when selecting data via an xfServer connection. You can now specify a default visibility state when generating the source code by specifying the user token VISIBILITY_DEFAULT on the CodeGen command line. Set this token to true to override the default of false.

The Symphony_Visibility.tpl template now allows you to define the default visibility setting in the Repository. By specifying the token (SYMPHONY_DEFAULT_VISIBILITY=) token in the long description for a field you can define the fields default visibility. The token value should be assigned true or false.

The SynergyAlphaConverter has been modified to check for ^null string values being used. This can occur when incorrect bindings are defined. The converter will no longer crash because of a ^null alpha field.

The SynergyDecimalDateConverter now handles dates in a format of DDMMYYYY.

The UIElementGenericCommaner class has been modified so that is a command has not been bound then the class will not attempt to execute the bound command which would causing a runtime error. A new property “HostDataContext” has been added. You can now (from XAML) data bind to the HostDataContext property of the command to pass related data context.

The AsyncObservableCollection has been corrected to prevent synchronisation issues between the UI thread and the background worker thread on which the collection is being processed.

The BackgroundLoadedSearchViewModel has been modified to only raise the CurrentItemChanged event if the current selected item is not ^null.

The SynergyDecimalBox control has been modified to allow the entry of decimal digits correctly. Previously if the UpdateSourceTrigger property was set to PropertyChanged then the control padded the field with zeros and prevented the entry of any additional digits. The control will now pad out the decimal portion of the field but allow digits to be entered to overwrite the zero digits.

The SynergyDecimalConverter internally used an int variable which prevented large numbers for large decimal fields. This has been corrected.

The Symphony_Data.tpl template has been modified to correctly utilise the CustomCompareObjects() method. This method can be overwritten in the repository based data object to provide customer field sorting capabilities.

The GenericCommand class has been enhanced. You can now reference the HostDataContext value defined by the UIElementGenericCommand class.

The BaseDataAccess class has been modified to correctly declare the direction of parameters. This change may break your code. Please regenerate all file access code.

The CRUDViewModel class has been modified to reflect the changes to the BaseDataAccess class.

The FileIO class has a new property “ForceKeyLength”. This property can be set to a value that ensures you read on the full (specified) key length.

The Symphony_CRUDAppLogic.tpl template now has the facility to specify additional required namespace imports. Simply define the required imports in a file called and incorporate the specified source file.

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